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19 April, 2021

Have your say on energy prices

Businesses and farmers have the chance to voice their concerns on Ergon prices and tariffs with the Queensland Electricity Users Network (QEUN) power bill survey which closes on Wednesday April 21.

Businesses and farmers have the chance to voice their concerns on Ergon prices and tariffs with the Queensland Electricity Users Network (QEUN) power bill survey which closes on Wednesday April 21.

“Participation in the QEUN’s 2-minute survey provides an ability to influence Ergon prices and tariffs without spending time writing a submission,” said Jennifer Brownie, Coordinator of QEUN.

“We understand businesses and farmers are busy people, but it’s almost impossible to change Ergon prices and tariffs once they are set.

“Participation in our survey gives you a voice, a voice which may help you with prices and tariffs that will appear on your Ergon power bill from 1st July this year.”

The QEUN survey is seeking responses from a wide range of businesses and farmers in the Cairns and Tablelands region.

To complete the survey visit the QEUN

The QEUN have committed to share the survey results with peak business and farming organisations.

Joe Vecchio, National Secretary, Australian Foundry Institute

“Whether you are a large business like a foundry, a small business or a farmer, getting the right electricity price and tariff is critical to the viability of any business.”

Mark Olsen, CEO, Tourism Tropical North Queensland

“While visitor numbers over Easter are up, many businesses are still dealing with the cost of 13 months without international visitors. Reducing the cost of electricity is part of long term business survival.”

Sally Mlikota, President, Cairns Chamber of Commerce

“It’s important we understand how businesses are coping with power bills now JobKeeper has ended. The ability of businesses to pay their power bills is key indicator of how the regional economy is recovering from COVID.”

Melissa Pancirov, Treasurer, Kuranda Traders Association

“With the loss of high spending international tourists, businesses are looking more closely at essential operating costs such as electricity. Many tourism businesses have to run their power 24 hours a day 7 days a week whether they are open or not. Participation in the survey will provide a valuable insight into how businesses are coping with power bills."

Bree Hargreaves, President, Atherton Tablelands Chamber of Commerce

“Regional towns prosper when local businesses and farmers can afford their power bills. This survey will help us to understand how local businesses and farmers are coping with their power bills.”

Joe Moro, President, FNQ Growers

“Farmers need to be able to afford to pump water when their crop needs it. The QEUN survey will show us how important it is for existing irrigation tariffs to remain.”

James Geraghty, State Councillor, Queensland Dairyfarmers’ Organisation

“Power bills are a significant cost to dairy farmers. Without electricity we can’t milk or feed our cows. I encourage all dairy farmers to voice their opinion on Ergon prices and tariffs by filling in the QEUN survey.”

Nick Reynolds, cotton, peanut and hay farmer, Atherton Tablelands

“The profitability of irrigated crops is highly dependent on affordable electricity tariffs. If Ergon cannot deliver affordable prices and tariffs more farmers will abandon grid supplied electricity and install diesel pumps. I encourage all types of farmers to spend 2 minutes to participate in the QEUN survey.”

Dr Georgina Davis, CEO, Queensland Farmers’ Federation

“The Queensland Government is removing some widely used irrigation tariffs on 30 June 2021. This short survey will provide an insight into how the removal of these irrigation tariffs will affect the viability of farmers.”

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