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12 October, 2021

Local resident unhappy about removal of Malanda trees

A CONCERNED Malanda resident has voiced her disproval about several trees being cut down in and around Malanda State School.

By Michael Warren

A local resident is dismayed about the number of trees recently removed at Malanda State School.

The removal of trees around the educational facility prompted Terri Wilson to vent her concerns on social media. 

There are unconfirmed reports more than 60 trees have been felled during the process. 

“Why are the trees being cut down?,” Ms Wilson publicly questioned. 

“Our town is slowly being destroyed… what was once a beautiful country village in the rainforest is now just another statistic of government agendas.

“I happen to think the school is a fantastic place to send your children but cutting down the natural shade these beautiful trees provide is so sad. 

“I am sad for the future generations who won’t get to experience Malanda the way I remember it growing up.” 

The Express contacted Tablelands Regional Council for comment and was advised the matter was being handled by a separate body.

“The decision to remove trees within the school boundary of George Street in Malanda was made by Education Queensland,” Councillor Bilney explained to The Express. 

“This is a Department of the State Government which Local Government, in this instance, Tablelands Regional Council, has no Jurisdiction over.” 

Just days ago the Department of Education Queensland responded to The Express’s request for comment. 

“A number of trees have been removed at Malanda State School in order to allow repairs and upgrades to the school basketball court which will create an enclosed all-weather space for school use,” a spokesperson from the Department of Education told The Express. 

“The removal of the trees and roots was necessary to remedy damage caused by the trees to the roof, guttering and concrete slab of the structure. 

“The Malanda State School P&C were consulted regarding tree removal and have supported the decision in line with the Department of Education regional facilities manager’s recommendations. 

“Once the upgrades to the all-weather space has been completed appropriate planting will replace the trees that have been removed.”

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