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27 April, 2022

Tin mining set for big return

Tablelands Mining, a Fomento Group Company, is a private company focused on small- to-medium sized mines with high-grade iron ore deposits.

By Robyn Holmes

Tablelands Mining Group is positioning itself to become a strategic supplier of high-grade iron ore and magnetite from multiple smaller scale deposits within the north Queensland region of Australia.

Fomento Group is a family owned global player in mineral resources, operating across the value chain in iron ore.

Over a 60-year history starting in India and recently expanding to Singapore, Australia & Brazil.

Ongoing operational and commercial relationships with major international companies in the sector.

The Mt Paddy Mine is located 40km west of the Mt Garnet township and is approximately 150km from the Port of Mourilyan in North Queensland. 

TMG own 100% of the Mt Paddy Operation and Mining Lease. Mt Paddy is currently being drill tested to determine a JORC compliant resource.

TMG acquired the Mt Paddy mining lease in 2016 and began resource drilling in June 2017. Subsequent rounds of drilling have increased the resource potential for this deposit. Mt Paddy contains outcropping magnetite with a strike length of 700m and widths of 80m.  

Magnetite observed in surface outcrop has a similar grade to that seen at Mt Lucy with analysis results ranging from 50 to 62% Fe. Resource drilling is ongoing and continues to be completed to a JORC compliant standard.

Magnetite and hematite occur at Mt Paddy as associations with skarn minerals within the Chillagoe Formation sedimentary sequence. Metallurgical testing is required at Mt Paddy to determine whether the ore will require upgrade through mineral processing. 

Ore from this deposit is forecast to be exported through the company’s facilities at the Port of Mourilyan in North Queensland.

Future drilling will concentrate on areas along strike of the iron mineralisation observed at surface.

The Mt Lucy Mine is located near the town of Almaden, approximately 170km south west of Cairns and 235km west-northwest from the Port of Mourilyan. 

TMG own 100% of the Mt Lucy Operation and surrounding EPM. Mt Lucy historically produced a high-grade lump iron ore product averaging 62% Fe. Further exploration is planned for this area to test several magnetic anomalies near the mine site.

TMG acquired the Mt Lucy mining lease and surrounding EPM in 2016 and began production in early 2017. Mt Lucy produced an iron ore product of 62% Fe magnetite with associated hematite. 

During the operational phase Mt Lucy achieved a Zero Harm record with no injuries. The mine is currently being tested for future production through deeper exploration drilling along strike of the initial mine area. 

Future testing will be completed with a view to producing a JORC compliant resource.

Magnetite was deposited at Mt Lucy when a granite pluton came into contact with sedimentary rocks of the Chillagoe Formation. Iron ore from Mt Lucy is comprised of coarse-grained crystalline magnetite, with an average grade of 62% Fe. Ore from Mt Lucy was of a high enough grade to be shipped directly for export through the Port of Mourilyan in North Queensland to China. Future operations are focused on lower grade material that may require upgrading through magnetic separation.

Future drilling will concentrate on areas both within the mining lease and EPM owned by TMG

The Mount Ruby iron ore mine and surrounding tenements are located approximately 110km south west of Cairns, near the town of Ravenshoe. TMG own 100% of the Mt Ruby Operation and surrounding EPM, with plans to expand the current Mining Lease to accommodate future production activities. The Mt Ruby deposit is currently being tested to determine the scale of the resource.

TMG acquired the Mt Ruby mining lease and surrounding EPM in 2015. Throughout this time the company has been focused on restructuring its assets to accommodate future growth. Resource Drilling commenced in 2018 with a focus on metallurgical testing. Resource and exploration drilling are ongoing and will be completed to a JORC standard.

Mt Ruby is a skarn hosted magnetite deposit. Iron ore from Mt Ruby is comprised of coarse-grained crystalline magnetite, with an average grade of 50% Fe. Metallurgical testing has shown that the product can be easily upgraded to greater than 62% Fe utilising magnetic separation. 

Ore from Mt Ruby production will be exported through the company’s facilities at the Port of Mourilyan, near the town of Innisfail in North Queensland.

Exploration at the site is ongoing with a recent Aeromagnetic survey identifying areas of interest that require further drilling on the surrounding tenements.

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