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Animal welfare receives boost

DONATION: The Tablelands Kennel Club donate $550 to the Animal Welfare Op Shop in Atherton on Saturday.

AN ATHERTON based charity received a generous donation at the weekend to help support animal welfare across the Tablelands.

The Animal Welfare Op Shop received $550 courtesy of the Tablelands Kennel Club, who raised the much needed funds at their charity dog show on New Year’s Eve.

The Animal Welfare Op Shop in Atherton operates as a second hand store where they sell donated items and use the profits to give money to animal welfare organisations all across the region.

From dogs to horses, cats to bats, the Animal Welfare Shop donates money to any organisation that supports animal welfare.

Iris Crawford, the Animal Welfare Shop Secretary is extremely grateful for the donation and says that a number of groups across the region will see a share of it.

“It’s great to get a donation like this as it lightens the load on us and allows us to give back again,” she said.

“We had to cut back on do- nations which none of us wanted to do but we had to keep the shop afloat.

“It feels amazing to get back up and start giving again.”

The Tablelands Kennel Club donates their earnings from their charity dog show to a different charity every year, and this year they decided that the Animal Welfare Shop needed it as they were struggling.

Tablelands Kennel Club Treasurer Lois Dawes is excited to be able to give back to an organisation with the same opinions and values on pet ownership and welfare.

“It’s a great feeling because we know that the Animal Welfare Shop has been hurting,” she said.

“We felt that it all aligned as we both support not only dog welfare but the welfare of all pets.

“It’s amazing to be able to support another organisation that really pushes positive pet ownership.”

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