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Canegrowers call for election action

Tableland Canegrowers Chairman Claude Santucci. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

CANEGROWERS has outlined an eight-point plan to the parties contesting the Queensland Election saying the plan will secure a sustainable, profi table and productive future.

The plan covers issues from reducing the costs of power and water to investing in a future agricultural workforce with school programs and post-school skills training.

Chairman for the Tableland Canegrowers Claude Santucci said that the points that matter most to Tableland sugar cane farmers is water and power.

“There are a lot of issues in the plan that impact Tableland sugar growers namely the electricity and water costs,” he said.

“If the cost of water and electricity keep increasing we may question the viability of the crop.

“If we stop growing cane on the Tablelands it won’t have a huge impact on the world market but it will have a huge impact on the economy of the Tablelands.”

Canegrowers Chairman Paul Schembri is calling on the next Queensland Government to help the local sugarcane industry realise its full potential.

“We’re working harder and smarter and the next Queensland Government can help us unleash our potential and realise some exciting opportunities by removing the obstacles that are holding us back,” he said.

“A vibrant sugarcane industry pays dividends to regional communities and the state economy; we can contribute to the COVID-19 economic recovery.

“Our Canegrowers analysis shows that for every $1 we spend growing sugarcane, $6.42 of further economic activity is generated in the Queensland economy, this supports jobs, businesses and communities.”


■ Reduce the cost of power and water to drive productivity and profitability

■ Cut red tape on farming which doesn’t help the Great Barrier Reef

■ Build a diversified industry for regional economic growth based on renewable sugarcane

■ Back the sugarcane industry’s commitment environmental responsibility through ongoing support for our internationally-recognised accreditation program, Smartcane BMP

■ Invest in a future agricultural workforce with school programs and post-school skills training

■ Enable sustainable and innovative electricity and water use through local renewable energy grids, farm improvement programs and efficient irrigation schemes

■ Remove roadblocks to disaster preparedness including making insurance more affordable

■ Fund research and improve government services to agriculture with a revitalised Department of Agriculture

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