26 July, 2023

Aaron Payne boys ready to rumble

SEVERAL weeks ago, Mareeba State High School had its very first win in their game against Mackay State High School and this week they will be back to show no mercy.

Mareeba State High School is ready to rumble for this week’s game.
Mareeba State High School is ready to rumble for this week’s game.

Throughout the season, the Mareeba boys have secured two losses and two wins and this round will determine whether they make it through to the semi-finals. 

Putting their game face on, they are ready for the battle against Mackay in  Townsville on Wednesday. 

Throughout each game, it has been Narason Moorcroft-Kose who has stood out the most on the field, pulling the team together through every round. 

In their most recent game against rivals St Augustine’s Cairns, Moorcroft-Kose showcased his versatility and adaptability by seamlessly transitioning into different positions on the field. 

He was hot on his feet and demonstrated his formidable presence on the field, consistently making powerful runs that contributed to the team's efforts throughout the entire game.

During their historic first win against Mackay State High School, he scored the team’s first two ties and carried three or four defenders over for both of his tries with powerful runs. 

Quick and ready to rumble, Reece Boyle has also been putting his all into the game, solid defence in the centre position.

During their last game against Holy Cross Mackay, in attack, his efforts stood out again with strong caries and another try double – one long range effort leaving defenders wanting as his speed and footwork left them in his wake.

The boys will be travelling down on Tuesday for the Wednesday game, which is set to kick off at 12.45pm. 

If successful, they will play in the semi-finals which are set for 9 August.


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