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22 October, 2023

Amato announces bid for council

A LOCAL businesswoman with a passion for spreading positivity and being the voice of the region has her eyes on Division Two in Tablelands Regional Council’s election next year.

By Ellie Fink

Amato announces bid for council - feature photo

Karen Amato has spent the past 17 years working as a community support worker and team leader, dedicating her life to helping the most vulnerable.

The prominent Ravenshoe local officially launched her campaign over the weekend at the Torimba Festival Street parade, with several locals standing by her.

As the owner of her business, where she trains disability and aged care workers, she knows the importance of making a positive impact on people’s lives. 

A mother in her 40s and a resident of the region for three years, Ms Amato is deeply committed to creating a brighter future for local children, a goal shared by many parents in the community. 

She also spends countless hours volunteering with local non-profits, which has motivated her to step up as a candidate for the Local Government Election.

“I am passionate about helping you unlock your potential to make a positive impact in our community,” she said.

“How do I plan on doing it? By being present and supporting you to ignite your creativity and inspire a sense of passion for this unique corner of the world. 

“I believe that with your help, together we can transform this beautiful place into something even more remarkable.”

Ms Amato's mission revolves around unlocking the potential of community members to create a positive impact. 

She aims to foster creativity and inspire passion within the community, believing that together, they can transform the region into something even more remarkable.

One of her key objectives is to build an inclusive community, valuing and respecting every member.

She said she pledges to be a reliable advocate for the community, always present and ready to engage in meaningful dialogues and difficult conversations.

Ms Amato also seeks to provide a safe space for community members to share their thoughts and experiences openly. 

By doing so, she hopes to build a community where everyone can express their authentic selves.


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