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25 January, 2023

Calling all last minute mango comp entires

THIS is the final week to enter your mango in The Express’ annual mango competition. See our current leaderboardđŸ„­

Calling all last minute mango comp entires - feature photo

It has been tough competition this year with Steve Gould coming in late last Friday with a whopping 1.840kg KP which he grew on his farm.

Last year, Mr Gould took out the big win with his last minute 2kg mango and plans to do it again this year.

Young Milan Maloberti, who places almost every year he enters, is currently sitting in second place with his 1.550kg KP.

Kyle Hastie is sitting in third with his 1.491kg mango and Sophie and Tony Davey sitting in fourth with their 1.445kg home grown fruit.

Presented by The Express Newspaper and FNQ Growers the KP Mango Competition looks at the heaviest mangoes across the area put in for judging and gives them either first, second or third.

With cash prizes up for grabs courtesy of Lindsay Transport and Lindsay Rural for the first, second and third heaviest man-goes entries have only been get-ting bigger and bigger.

Any mangoes entered in the competition must be brought into The Express office and clearly show the weight of the mango on digital scales, the mangoes must also be of the Kensington Pride variety.

Entries close on 31 January


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