9 May, 2023

Can you solve the murder mystery?

A BOARD game turned movie turned play will be presented at the Mareeba Theatre Group in the coming weeks, promising to keep the audience wondering “who is the murderer?”.

Can you solve the murder mystery? - feature photo

The family favourite murder mystery game Cluedo will take to the Mareeba Theatre Stage as “Clue: On Stage” featuring a cast of young local thespians.

Director of the production Michael Bryce said the cast and crew are in the final stages of preparation for the show and he looks forward to welcoming locals to opening night.

“As the body count goes up it becomes more and more ridiculous and it makes lots of references to the board game,” he said.

“I feel a nervous because now it is in the hands of the actors to put on a good show – they are all getting their ducks in line now.

“It is all in the hands of some fantastic young actors.”

Opening night will kick off on 18 May at the Mareeba Theatre Group, 70-72 Constance Street, from 7pm. There will also be shows on 19-20 May. Tickets are available via


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