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22 January, 2023

Clean, clear gutters all year

ARE leaves blocking your gutters or birds nesting in your gutter-corners or roof?

Clean, clear gutters all year - feature photo

They won’t be if you have an All-Clear Gutter Guard fitted to your gutters.

NQ All-Clear distributor Steve Porter said Gutter Guard was a permanent gutter protection system that would keep your gutters and downpipes clear of leaves, nesting birds and other vermin for years to come, making the hazardous job of being up a ladder a thing of the past.

“No more cleaning leaves, mud and grime out of your gutters, along with the cuts, abrasions, and possible serious injury or worse from falling,” he said.

“It is a past-time that’s get more dangerous the older we get, I speak from painful experience!”

All-Clear Gutter Guard Protection is the quality permanent fix against blocked gutters.

Made from tough long lasting Australian BlueScope steel or long-lasting aluminium mesh, the Gutter Guard lets the rain in and keeps the leaves, nesting birds and other vermin out.

The product comes complete with a long-written manufacturer’s warranty and will stop your gutters and down-pipes rusting out sooner, as the gutters drain properly.

Mynah bird and sparrow infestation brings in nesting rubbish and bird-lice, which can be a health hazard to you and your family. Also blocked gutters are an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos and other insects which can present a big health problem after heavy rain or flooding.

“Other pests such as rats and snakes are often found in gutters or roof cavities trying to prey on birds’ nests,” Steve said.

“These creatures are fine out in the bush but not the best things to have in your roof or gutters. All-Clear gutter protection will permanent-ly keep them all out of your gutters and roof for good.

“If you drink water from a tank, our Gutter Guards are a must, along with a good ‘First- Flush unit’ as water will drain into your tank, clean and free of any animal drop-pings and organic roof bric-a-brac.

“A much bigger problem in southern areas, the metal gutter guards also give extra protection against fire-embers, in the dry seasons. It can, lessen your insurance premiums in some cases.”

Steve and his team have been trained in all aspects of GG installation and gutter maintenance.

“Since no two houses are the same, we’ll be pleased to come and give an obligation free quote at your home,” Steve said.

Call All-Clear Gutter Guard NQ on 1800 100 525 or Steve direct on 0400 724 278 anytime.


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