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27 January, 2022

KP mango prices reach record heights

A DRASTIC shortage of Kensington Pride (KP) mangoes on grower’s trees and supermarket shelves has caused a price spike pushing the average price to over $3.50 per mango across the country.

KP mangos are one of the most popular and widely grown mango varieties in Far North Queensland but a below average season has caused prices to rise. 

This price hike was months in the making however as over recent seasons KP growers have been producing less and less mangos. 

Even in Queensland where the majority of KP mangos are grown people can expect to pay $2.90 for just one KP mango at the local supermarket. 

FNQ Growers chair and mango farmer Joe Moro said heightened prices for KPs have been brought on by massive shortages in supply and a low yielding season. 

“I don’t know what the KP crop ended up as in volume terms, but it was down considerably from last year and the overall yearly average,” he said. 

“The prices have been good but only if you have a crop, some farmers didn’t have any mangoes. 

“The mango crop overall is probably average but KPs are higher because there is none around.” 

Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) CEO Brett Kelly said that overall mango numbers have increased from last season but KPs are still in high demand. 

“The season overall has been pretty good from a collective point of view last year we did about 7.2 million trays which was considered quite low – this year we’ve been on target for eight million,” he said. 

“KP mangoes have been in short supply throughout the whole season, the key is the seasonality with mangos. 

“It tends to work in cycles you’ll be down in one area in one season and the next season it’ll be up, this year for example KP has been down but the Calypso brand is up.”

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