22 February, 2024

Dysfunctional family antics explored in new local play

WARRING siblings, an ageing patriarch and a dangling insurance are all components of a new play being performed by the Malanda Theatre Company next month.

Malanda Theatre Company’s new play starts in March with tickets now on sale.
Malanda Theatre Company’s new play starts in March with tickets now on sale.

Prospect Terrace is written by Cairns-based Angela Murphy, the play is set in a Queenslander and is described as “funny, bitter and quirky take on the dynamics of a dysfunctional family”.

Ms Murphy aimed to “churn a buttery mix of drama and comedy, laced with fun” as her characters rediscover forgotten truths, hidden treasures, and lost love. 

No families are ever perfect, and siblings don’t always agree and the play explores this, with a great cast on board.

Pepper’s once normal life is falling apart, then her 80-year-old father Jack ends up in hospital. Decisions must be made about his future and the much-loved family home on Prospect Terrace, but Pepper has siblings. 

Bunny has stayed close by Jack’s side but no-one has seen Rob for almost 10 years. 

Jack’s confidante, Delores, reveals the dynamics of the dysfunctional family life she shared on Prospect Terrace.

Prospect Terrace premiered in 2020 in Cairns and is scheduled to hit the stage in Brisbane in July this year. 

Before that, locals can see the play at the home of Malanda Theatre Company.

Directed by Catriona Arnold-Nott and Grace Chapman. Prospect Terrace stars Kirsten Adams as Pepper, Carlie Hill as Bunny, Penny Scott as Delores and Bill Tranter as Jack. 

With four weeks to go before opening night, the cast has already developed the relationships of a family striving to do the “right thing”.

Prospect Terrace opens on Friday 15 March. Other dates are: 16-17 March and 22-24 March. Sunday shows are matinees commencing at 3pm. All other shows are a 7.30pm start. 

Tickets are available at Tableland Books, Atherton and online at 


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