26 October, 2022

Eagles search for help to compile history

THE Atherton Eagles are appealing to any and all previous players, coaches, officials and supporters to help them piece together the history of the club to be officially documented and passed down.

The Atherton Eagles are appealing to the community to help them compile the club’s history
The Atherton Eagles are appealing to the community to help them compile the club’s history

Records show the Atherton Eagles could be approaching their 50th anniversary but the current committee is unsure as there has never been an official documentation of the club’s founding or his-tory.

They are appealing to members of the community who may currently have or have had ties to the club in years past to come forward with any memories, photos, documents – anything that has to do with the history of the football club.

Atherton Eagles president Angelo Veschetti the current committee wants to compile the history and leave it as a legacy for the committee that follows.

“The club does not have a history that is known to the current committee and we think the club has been around for 50 years or thereabouts,” he said.

“A bunch of us had played juniors on the Tablelands, for example I used to play as a Mareeba junior and we used to play in Atherton but they weren’t called the Eagles, we think they were called the Cobras back then.

“We are trying to figure out what the history of the club is so as a committee we can leave that as the legacy for those that come after.”

Some families have already come forward and given quite a lot of information already about the club’s history but Mr Veschetti is welcoming any additional information, documents, photos and more, to help commemorate the club’s birth.

If you have any information or memorabilia to give the Eagles please call Mr Veschetti on 4091 4877 and talk to him or Libby Massaso.


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