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20 December, 2023

Faith for cancer research

IN honour of her aunt, who sadly lost her battle to cancer, Atherton teenager Faith Sterritt shaved her hair to create wigs for chemotherapy patients while also raising $3000 for much-needed research.

AFTER: Faith Sterritt, who shaved her hair for cancer.
AFTER: Faith Sterritt, who shaved her hair for cancer.

Shaving her hair for cancer was something Faith always wanted to do alongside her aunty, and this year, she decided it was a great way to honour her battle and help those who needed it most.

“My aunty always had this really beautiful idea to do it together, so it’s always been something I wanted to do,” she said. 

Setting up fundraising tins at her work and cafes across the Tablelands and Cairns, Faith was determined to raise as much money as she could for research. 

Going from long locks to a number two buzz cut, she said the change was overwhelming but something special. 

“It was scary and very emotionally and physically challenging, but I was able to help people in need, which is really big,” she said. 

“What I did was so important because there is no other way to make wigs like are real without real hair. 

“They are more comfortable for people with cancer, and being able to put money towards four types of cancer research is huge.”

The community banded together to support Faith throughout the journey, with the teenager thanking everyone who donated and supported her throughout the journey. 

“I have had so much support, it’s crazy,” she said.

“Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to sit in that chair without the words of support from everyone in the back of my mind.

“With everyone’s help, I have been able to raise money for something that is just so important, and I am so thankful.”

BEFORE: Faith’s long hair.
BEFORE: Faith's long hair.

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