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27 November, 2022

Feedback sought on cattle branding

THE Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is seeking feedback on proposed changes to earmarking and branding legislation.

Feedback sought on cattle branding - feature photo

The legislation will either see branding be-come mandatory or voluntary, with Minister for DAF and Rural Communities Mark Furner wanting to take a more modern approach to the procedure.

The proposed options for brands is retain-ing the current legislative requirements for branding (the status quo) with the addition of a renewal fee or providing choice about brand-ing under a streamlined system with a renewal fee under two sub-options.

These sub options are giving owners the op-tion of an exemption from mandatory branding of cattle or pigs (choice to opt-out) or giving owners the option of voluntary branding of cattle or pigs (choice to opt-in).

“None of the proposals involve removing the ability to brand, rather, livestock owners would be given the freedom to decide what’s in their own best interest,” Mr Furner said.

“Brands have traditionally been used to show livestock ownership but no longer serve the significant biosecurity function they once did.

“With advances in technology, there are now far more effective ways of tracing live-stock in the event of a disease outbreak.

“Not all cattle owners want to brand. How-ever, for those who see value in using a brand to identify stock, branding would still be avail-able under both of these proposals.

“Queensland’s Brands Act 1915 is more than 100 years old and has not been signifi-cantly changed in decades.

“That’s why Queensland needs a modern approach to brands and earmarks that is more efficient for livestock owners and gives them a choice.”

The proposed changes and a feedback ques-tionnaire are now available at 


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