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29 January, 2023

Hospital needs public help for sick frogs

A LOCAL frog hospital is appealing for anyone seeing a lump on frogs to report it to the facility.

Frogs are being reported to a local frog hospital with cancerous tumours
Frogs are being reported to a local frog hospital with cancerous tumours

Frog Safe president Deborah Pergolotti said the frog hospital normally received frogs that have visible tumours around February, however the season appeared to have started early, with a new type of tumour arriving in mid-November.

“The past couple years at least two new cancer types were diagnosed from White-lipped tree frogs and already another new type has surfaced this summer,” she said.

“We're waiting on pathology results to tell us what this strange lump is.

“A severe case from Cooktown arrived on 3 January which is plagued by at least two different tumour types and biopsies are being obtained. This is not a good sign for the rest of this summer.”

She has appealed to everyone in the region to keep an eye out for any frog (or even toad) that has a lump anywhere on its body.

“It could just be a parasite or a bacterial abscess which are both treatable but if it isn't, we need to verify what is going on,” Ms Pergolotti said.

“If you are a vet clinic and a suspicious case comes in, we would be grateful if you will let us know. All cases of this type need to be properly documented so that they can be registered on the official databases.”

Ms Pergolotti said people should always handle all frogs and toads with gloves or a plastic bag over hands even if the amphibians look healthy.

“If you find something suspicious, email a photograph to us, then place the animal in an ice cream container with air holes and bring indoors. Then ring us for advice,” she said.

More information is available from or you can email to or call on 4068 9402.


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