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1 March, 2022

Just ‘one the boys’ Female mechanic defies the odds

NOT afraid to get down in the oil and grease of an old Hilux, Serephina Melvin has earned her place at John Cole Toyota, taking on the role as the only female mechanic in the shop.

By Ellie Fink

Serephina Melvin’s love for cars has led her to a rewarding career in mechanics
Serephina Melvin’s love for cars has led her to a rewarding career in mechanics

Serephina began her mechanics apprenticeship in November 2020, choosing a profession that matched with her passion for souped up vehicles and how they work. 

She says she loves her job and has been lucky to work with a group of “boys” who have supported her along the way. 

“I decided to become a mechanic as I had a love for cars which I wanted to turn into a career and if you love your job, you never work a day in your life,” Serephina said. 

“I think I have been lucky that my workplace was welcoming from the getgo. 

“Obviously, I am not as strong as some of the boys, so I had to learn how to do things my way to work in my favour.” 

For Serephina, it was not always easy, and she admits there have been moments of doubt as to whether she chose the right career path. 

But her passion for mechanics overruled those thoughts, finding ways to do just as much as her colleagues in her own special way. 

“I did face a few personal struggles with feeling like I may have chosen the wrong job and feeling like I couldn't do it,” she said. 

“I have only ever had a couple of bad encounters with men in the workplace however never with my colleagues, only from people outside of my workplace. 

“Although now over a year later I hardly have those doubts – I have learned to become stronger, mentally and physically, and make my own way because other people's methods didn't work for me.” 

Just over a year in the job, Serephina has continued to prove her worth and show her workplace and clients that she knows who she is and will continue to work hard and to achieve her goals. 

Her advice to women, young and old, interested in “male dominate jobs” is to never give into your doubts and show your worth no matter the situation. 

“Just to do it. Be prepared to have to work your arse off to keep up with the boys and in the end, it's so rewarding,” Serephina said. 

“Even if you have doubts, don't give up quickly, ride it out and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.”


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