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22 July, 2023

Keeping the house clean with pets

WE all love our pets and they bring a lot of joy to our families but when it comes to keeping your home clean, they can be challenging.

Keeping the house clean with pets - feature photo

These days, most animal owners are allowing their pets to live inside but that can create issues in keeping the family home clean, tidy and smelling nice.

There are ways to make your life a bit easier living with pets and we have compiled the best tips for you to deal with the situation.

Make sure you give your pets a bath regularly and brush them to remove excess hair. Dirty dogs and cats not only leave dirt in your home but they can also smell. Your pets should have a bath every few weeks and be brushed weekly. Try to use a nice shampoo so your home doesn’t smell like “damp dog” and dry them off as much as possible. A good brush after baths is recommended.

▪ Buy a great vacuum cleaner. When it comes to hairy pets, you will need a vacuum cleaner with extra strong suction and a quality filter so that you are picking up the hair imbedded in carpets and rugs. Some pet owners are opting for an automatic vacuum cleaner that will constantly pick up items on the floor but be aware, some pets see them as playthings.

▪ Think about your floor coverings and 

furniture. If you have hairy animals, carpets and rugs can be problematic, so it might be a good idea to opt for new flooring options like vinyl planks (that look like timber floors), or tiles. As far as your furniture goes, try to choose a lounge suite that doesn’t have upholstery that will serve as a magnet for hair but there are some great lint rollers out there that work wonderfully. Also, think about colours – you don’t want to get a white lounge if your pets like to jump on it after they come inside.

Have products like spot cleaners and sprays on hand to be able to clean up “accidents". There are a number of products available at supermarkets that will not only clean up the mess but also remove any lingering odours. React immediately to stains and accidents or they will become difficult to remove.

▪ Treat your pets for fleas and ticks. No one wants an infestation in their home and there are a wide variety of products on the market that will keep fleas and ticks at bay. Ask your veterinarian if you’re not sure which one to use.

▪ Manage their eating and drinking area. Dogs, in particular, can spray their drinking water all over the place or knock over water bowls, so it’s best to create a specific area for them. Try placing a larger rubber mat under the bowls so it can capture some of the spills or dribble. Clean your water and food bowls regularly.

▪ Buy a pet bed that’s easy to clean. There are so many beds on the market now, and while you may be tempted to buy the fluffy soft one, you will most likely be better off with one that’s easy to keep clean and wipe over.


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