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30 May, 2022

Lake re-opened after croc closure

NEW signs have been erected to warn visitors of the presence of freshwater crocodiles in Lake Eacham after the popular swimming hole was closed for two days last week following a complaint to local rangers about one of the animals.

Lake re-opened after croc closure - feature photo

Swimmers at Lake Eacham were met with yellow tape last Tuesday when rangers closed the lake to investigate the complaint that a person was allegedly harassed by a crocodile and consider whether it warranted removal.

 The crater lake was re-opened on Thursday. A Department of Environment and Science spokesperson said rangers would continue to patrol the area over the coming weeks and continue to assess the crocodiles’ behaviours. 

“Rangers closed Lake Eacham that day as a precaution, and will patrol over the next few weeks,” the spokesperson said. 

“Wildlife officers assessed the freshwater crocodile’s reported change in behaviour at night and during the day to determine if it needed to be removed.

 “When approached by wildlife officers (last Tuesday night), the crocodile rapidly moved away which is normal behaviour for these animals. 

“Freshwater crocodiles are smaller and much less aggressive than estuarine crocodiles and the animal in Lake Eacham has historically avoided areas where people recreate.” 

Rangers have erected signs around Lake Eacham to remind visitors of the crocodiles’ presence in the lake and believe the crocodile reportedly causing an issue has lived in the lake for the last 15 years.


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