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24 January, 2020

Cr Byrne keeps everyone guessing

Cr Byrne keeps everyone guessing

By Phil Brandel

With the Council elections just around the corner, local councillors are currently looking at their options and aspirations.

One Councillor from the Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) is keeping everyone guessing as to what his plans are for the future.

Division 6 Councillor Owen Byrnes said, “At this point in time I am not making a commitment on what my engagement will be with local government and where I might stand if I stand at all.”

One thing that Councillor Byrne does want ratepayers to know is that they need to choose wisely.

“I encourage the people of the TRC community to choose wisely at the upcoming local elections.  We need to ensure the region has a mayor of strong character with a council that is prepared to work with him or her in setting clear direction and expectation through a good corporate plan and good budget management for the region. Council needs to have good policies and ensure that these policies are adhered to.”

“To build a strong local economy it is essential that our ratepayer’s contributions are reinvested and recirculated back into our local businesses and industries as much as possible.  This in turn creates more employment opportunities and builds a strong economy for the region. “

In a statement supplied exclusively to the Express, Councillor Byrnes hints at his unhappiness with the current TRC.

“In my opinion, the newly elected council will need to overcome the legacy associated with the rates debacle, the struggle with turning budgets back into surplus and dealing with ever increasing costs.”

“Things are not going to be all rosy, the disasters around Australia could make external funding hard to obtain. I’m sure with the right attitude and a positive and sensible collective team of representatives that this council can move forward focusing on essential services and upgrades.”

“It’s vital for ratepayers in all divisions to ensure suitable candidates are nominated to represent your division, recognising that agricultural, tourism & small businesses are the back bone of the TRC.”

“I encourage people to attend monthly meetings occasionally to see how the system works.” Councillor Byrnes said he hoped to be able to announce his plans for 2020 and beyond in the coming weeks.


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