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15 September, 2021

Lime farmer releases new licious liqueur

Mareeba lime farmers, Caamano Farms has teamed up with local distiller FNQ Spirits to deliver a new locally, grown, produced and sold product, LimeZello.

By Rhys Thomas

Tina Caamano of Caamano Farms in Mareeba with the new LimeZello lime liqueur that has been made in partnership with FNQ Spirits

THE new lime liqueur was the brainchild of Tina Caamano, who with her family was looking to value add and better expand their lime business.

With the looming threat of importing Mexican limes, local farmers have been feeling the pressure from one of the world’s largest lime exporters. 

After some quick calls around the region to some local distillers FNQ Spirits was on board with the new product idea. 

Tina said that with Mexican lime imports putting pressure on local farmers, Caamano farms had to diversify and look outside of the box. 

“Everyone kept saying that we need to diversify, we need to value add and being one of the younger farmers in the region it was hard for me to fathom that I might have needed to pull out trees or whatnot,” Tina said. 

“I wanted to look at something different, a different avenue really.” 

Whilst in talks with FNQ Spirits Tina also started speaking with Skybury and their success with their new liquors and liqueurs.

After finding out that Skybury has also partnered with FNQ Spirits to release their range it was an easy choice for Tina and eased her worries. 

“It was really good to sit down with Troy and I think there was about 36 samples we ended up playing with, different citruses that we have on the farm,” Tina said. 

“It’s nice to be a little creative and work with something different.

“So far we have had really good feedback it will be nice to see where it goes, if not it was something fun, creative, different and outside of the square.”

Owner of FNQ Spirits Troy Read said his model from day one of opening his doors has been “everything I can do and get local, I will.” 

“Out of every single bottle of alcohol I make nothing inside of any bottle comes further south than Tully,” he said. 

“I’m a bit of a lover of community and everyone supports everyone. 

“Even my labels are printed locally, we can get them cheaper down south, but the local guy has to send his kids to school and a life and a living to make.” 

The liquor products from both Skybury and Caamano Farms use produce that just miss out on being supermarket shelf ready, whether they are not the right size or shape or have some minor blemishes.

Keep your eye out in local bottle shops around the region for the newest locally made liqueur, LimeZello

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