8 September, 2023

Local bushland centre of new exhibition

AN exhibition depicting the stories embedded in the landscape of the local bushland where artists Steve and Marijke Hanock live will be on display this month.

Local bushland centre of new exhibition - feature photo

The Watsonville artists’ latest exhibition, The Silent Earth, will be on display at the Old Post Office Gallery, Atherton, from 12 September until 14 October.

The collection of artworks reflects their connection to the natural world of their bushland surroundings.

Marijke’s delicate approach details the intricacies of the landscape, while giving the viewer a glimpse into her world, through the lens of magic realism.

Rocks appear to be communicating with each other, and trees sway to a subliminal rhythm, while exuding Marijke’s own essence.

Steve’s figurative works, also, represent areas with which he has a strong affinity, such as the outback. 

Whilst with his abstract works, he strives to capture the life forces of the Earth.

Some of the paintings are jointly executed, and it can be difficult to discern where one’s work finishes and the other’s starts. 

Although they both use pointillist techniques, Marijke’s work is meticulously rendered, while Steve fluctuates between casual precision and ordered chaos. 

The couple’s interest also covers the outback and other arid areas, where the geological history offers more graphic detail. 

It leads one to ponder on times of dinosaurs, ice ages, mass extinctions, re-emergence of life-forms, and the origins of the Earth.

The public are invited to the opening, between 5pm-7pm on Friday, 15 September. 

There will also be an artists’ talk at 11am on Wednesday, 20 September, and the artists will be in residence at the gallery every Wednesday and Saturday. 

Gallery hours are Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am-2pm.


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