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Locals eligible for government resilience program

Joel Hilditch from Joel's Plumbing Services is encouraging locals to get behind a new government grant that could see them having their old roof replaced for a massive discount

Tablelands residents will be eligible to get a share in a $21.25 million government program to repair or improve their windows, doors and roofs to be better prepared against cyclones.

The Household Resilience Program is part of the first stage of Queensland’s economic reset to help the state recover from the effects of COVID-19.

The program provides funding to help eligible home owners improve the resilience of their homes against cyclones by improving or completely replacing their windows, doors and roofing.

Owner-occupiers who live in a house built before 1984 and are located within 50km of the coastline can apply to receive a government grant that pays for 75% of the cost of improvements up to $11,250.

Successful applicants must pay the remainder 25% directly to the contactor who must be approved by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

To be eligible for the government funding the weekly household income must be less than $1,006 for an individual, $1,391 for a couple, $1,392 for a sole parent with one child and $1,724 for a couple with one child, there is also an additional $333 for each dependent child in the household and $384 for each additional dependant adult.

Joel Hilditch from Joel’s Plumbing Services encourages eligible residents to apply for this program as they can get a new roof heavily discounted.

“Because we are in a cyclone prone area you really don’t want your roof flying off because it isn’t up to scratch,”

“A lot of the older roofs around the area really do need these upgrades to get them up to standards and cyclone proofed.

“This program helps out the everyday person just trying to improve their houses and their own saftey.”

The application process for funding runs in two stages, the first is to see if you are eligible after meeting the criteria and income requirements.

The second stage applicants will need to provide itemised and quantified quotes for the proposed upgrades.

After your application and supporting documents have been processed a qualified assessor will attend your home to confirm that the proposed improvements are reasonable.

For more in-depth information about the program and how to apply head to https://www.qld.gov.au/housing/buying-owning-home/financial-help-concessions/household-resilience-program

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