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24 March, 2022

Midwife shortage

A LOCAL shortage in critical hospital staff has forced hospitals to recently suspend their birthing services, however the issue has been linked to an international workforce shortage.

Photo - Pexels
Photo - Pexels

A midwifery workforce shortage has been declared worldwide with local hospitals already feeling the effects of the depleted manpower including the Mareeba and Cooktown Hospitals. Recently the Cooktown Hospital was forced to suspend their birthing services as they couldn’t secure necessary specialist staff to ensure a safe birth. 

The Mareeba Hospital even had similar issues but was able to secure staff and return to full obstetric staffing levels. 

A Queensland Health spokesperson said the obstetrics worker shortage is not only happening in Australia but is being experienced worldwide. 

“A midwifery workforce shortage has been declared internationally,” they said. 

“While we understand temporary suspensions of birthing services may cause disruptions, our priority will always be the safety of expectant mothers and their babies. 

“Medical staff require advanced training in obstetrics and anaesthetics to deliver emergency surgery should it be required.”


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