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6 April, 2023

More home lots to hit market

ANOTHER 48 residential lots will come onto the market in Atherton after Tablelands Regional Council approved the development application, despite some concerns over the management of stormwater run-off.

Before giving the project the green light, councillors wanted to be reassured everything had been done to ensure that stormwater run-off from the development which will be established to the west of Quadrio Street, does not make flooding in Peakes Gully worse than it already is.

“We need to get this 100 per cent right, there’s no room for error,” Deputy Mayor Cr Kevin Cardew said.

“We certainly can’t have any worsening effect on the stormwater on Peakes Gully because, as we know, Peakes Gully already has major issues with flooding.”

Officers told councillors that conditions attached to the approval included a requirement for a Stormwater Management Plan.

The report stated stormwater drainage infrastructure must be designed and constructed to accept upstream developed flows in addition to those collected from the development site and all discharges must be to an approved legal point of discharge, being the proposed detention basin and existing drainage reserve.

“The detention basin is being designed to handle a 1-100 year flood,” a planning officer told council.

Cr Cardew also asked whether there was any scope that the detention basin could improve the situation.

“Potentially yes, but that will come down to the design and earthworks – the development has been conditioned to ensure that the status quo is maintained, not worsened,” the officer responded.


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