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1 August, 2023

Motel seeks dust solution

DUST generated by trucks stopping to get coffee at Mareeba’s Centenary Park is causing problems for the Jackaroo Motel but just how it will be fixed is still unknown.

The verge of the Kennedy Highway where trucks pull up to get coffee at Mareeba is causing dust and mud problems.
The verge of the Kennedy Highway where trucks pull up to get coffee at Mareeba is causing dust and mud problems.

Motel owner Henry Sciami said he had raised the issue with both Mareeba Shire Council and the Department of Transport and Main Roads for some time but has yet to get a commitment from either organisation for a remedy to the situation.

“I have absolutely no problem with the coffee van being there – they start around 4.15am and then truck after truck pull off to get coffee but the place where they pull up is now dirt which generates a heap of dust all over the motel – it’s just everywhere,” he said.

“At the moment, there’s a massive hole there which is filled with rainwater and mud is being carried all over the road.”

Mr Sciami said the simple fix was for a sealed slip lane to be created for trucks to pull off the Kennedy Highway.

“It is council’s park but it is Main Roads’ road so the argument is who’s responsibility it is to create an appropriate entrance to the park.”

The matter was taken up by council’s Traffic Advisory Committee where it was noted that TMR was hesitant to put a “No Standing” sign there, preferring to work with the council to come up with a solution. It was also noted that council may undertake the work as part of its Road Maintenance Performance Contract with TMR.

However, Mareeba Mayor Angela Toppin said the entrance to the Centenary Park was under control of TMR and because sealing road shoulders fell under the auspices of a “road upgrade”, the work would not be performed under the maintenance contract.

“Sealing unsealed shoulders is a road upgrade and therefore isn’t part of the RMPC contract, however, council officers are working with TMR officers with the intention to seal this area as a variation to the RMPC contract, but this has not yet been finalised,” she said.

“TMR will ultimately determine if and what additional areas are to be sealed, and any signage that is to be installed, and council officers are working cooperatively with TMR officers to help address the issues in this location.”


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