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19 April, 2022

Motorists advised on new works

MOTORISTS have been warned that major works will begin at the Beantree Road and Albrecht Street, and Beantree Road and Barson Road intersections in Tolga next week.

Motorists advised on new works - feature photo

Work will commence on the widening and resurfacing of the two intersections on 26 April. 

As a result, Beantree Road, between the Kennedy Highway and Albrecht Street, will be fully closed for the first two weeks of the project while the culvert is replaced. Alternative access for motorists will be via Tolga and Barson Streets. 

The two intersections will remain open during the project but will be under traffic guidance. The project is expected to be completed in June. 

Meanwhile, minor work will start on the approaches of the Sluice Creek Bridge at Evelyn this week. 

The one-lane timber bridge on Sluice Creek Road will be replaced by a two-lane concrete bridge, increasing the load limit from 10 tonnes to 44 tonnes. The road will be fully closed during construction which is expected to take at least three months.


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