23 May, 2024

National exposure for local rev-heads

REV-heads have had their lifelong dreams recognised at the Northern Nats, with many local faces and cars featuring in the iconic motoring magazine Street Machine.

By Ellie Fink

Springmount Raceway manager Michael Gonzalez with his 1980 VC Commodore SL/E.
Springmount Raceway manager Michael Gonzalez with his 1980 VC Commodore SL/E.

Many car enthusiasts dream of being featured in Street Machine, one of the most loved car magazines published in Australia. 

This is the first time the team have stayed for the whole three-day event, meeting with locals and visitors alike and sharing their stories. 

Northern Nat's organiser and Springmount Raceway manager Michael Gonzalez said it was a privilege to have the team in Far North Queensland promoting their event and was proud of the competitors who made a feature. 

Street Machine is an iconic brand, and every motoring enthusiast dreams of having their car in Street Machine, and a lot of us never will,” he said. 

“They were there taking photos and writing stories about our local races and our local track, and on Sunday, someone even came up to me, tears in his eyes, and said, ‘Mick, you wouldn’t believe it, my car made it to Street Machine’.

“He said in all his life, he had always dreamed of being in Street Machine and that meant the world to that buy – it was worth more than any trophy he would receive in his life.”

As well as Street Machine, the presence of Summernats had spectators going wild. 

The new partnership with Northern Nats and Summernats attracted mass crowds from across the country and some of the highest levels of competition seen on the Springmount track. 

“It is incredible to have a lot of expertise on the raceway, and they have some of the biggest and the best guys involved,” Mr Gonzalez said. 

“To get Summernats involved with our regional raceway and to have that level of professionalism brought to the table was absolutely spectacular.

“It was amazing to see people coming through the gates and seeing their reactions to the Summernat branding next to our branding – all of our signs were stolen by the end of the weekend!”

Northern Nats will be back at Springmount Raceway next year. 

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