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17 December, 2022

Nature focus of book

ONE of Australia’s pioneering nature photographers, writers and filmmakers has launched a book that documents his observations over 60 years on nature conservation around the world.

Nature focus of book - feature photo

Emmy award winning documentary film-maker Stan Breeden, who lives in the region, launched his memoir, “A Feeling for Nature - A Natural History Memoir - Notes from a Golden Age” at Tablelands Regional Gallery last week.

Stan landed in the Australian bush in the middle of the night in May 1952. He was a 14-year-old immigrant from the Netherlands. The next morning he thought he’d woken in paradise, surrounded as he was by colourful birds and beautiful trees.

Stan spent the next 70 years exploring the bush’s wonders and in the process, became one of Australia’s pioneering nature photographers, writers and filmmakers with many award-winning works to his credit.

In the 1970s and 80s, Stan spent 12 years in the Indian jungles, and for many years, was a freelancer for National Geographic. As well as writing and photographing stories for the magazine he, with Belinda Wright, made two TV specials – Land of the Tiger and Australia’s Twilight of the Dreamtime, which is about Kakadu.

Throughout his adventures, Stan kept a diary. These are the notes of a golden age, which stretched from about 1960 to 1990. It saw the birth of the nature conservation movement – vigorous, imaginative, effective. Stan’s book shows the relevance of a golden age to the age of destruction.

Stan is one of Australia's pioneering nature photographers and writers. He is author of some 25 natural history books and has been published in the world's leading natural history magazines.

Stan is working on a further two book projects.

To obtain a copy of the book priced at $34.99, email  


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