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20 December, 2023

New hub to boost biosecurity

A GROUNDBREAKING National Biosecurity Hub will streamline access to essential online biosecurity training for primary producers across Australia.

New hub to boost biosecurity - feature photo

The online training platform is a comprehensive library for training packages provided by government, industry, and tertiary education providers, covering a wide range of biosecurity topics.

As a frontline biosecurity state, Queensland and Plant Health Australia (PHA) have taken a lead role in spearheading the initiative, recognising the importance of a coordinated effort to protect our industries, environment and lifestyle from biosecurity threats.

The National Biosecurity Hub offers diverse training opportunities, ranging from on-farm training for producers addressing emergency animal diseases to hitchhiker pest training for businesses involved in importing goods.

It emphasises the crucial role every individual plays in meeting their biosecurity obligations and underscores the collective responsibility we all share for safeguarding Australia’s primary production capabilities.

A tri-state partnership between Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and a collaboration with Plant Health Australia and Animal Health Australia has been instrumental in the establishment of the National Biosecurity Hub.

The initial launch of the hub features a collection of 64 online training courses, with plans for continuous expansion. 

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