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24 February, 2024

New laws ban knife sales to minors

NEW laws that ban the sale of knives and other items to minors have been passed by the Queensland Parliament.

New laws ban knife sales to minors - feature photo

The new laws make the sale of knives, replica firearms including gel blasters that are also replica firearms, and edged weapons like machetes, axes, and swords to juveniles, an offence.

Under the legislation, any young person attempting to use false identification to purchase these items could also be charged with an offence.

To further curb the notoriety of weapon possession among young people, it will be prohibited for knives and other items to be advertised in a violent manner or in a way that suggests they are “suitable for combat”.

The legislation contains a significant amendment to provide retailers with flexibility to restrict the sale of controlled items to minors prior to the Bill coming into law. 


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