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3 October, 2023

Partnership to deliver pathway to self employment program

RAVENSHOE Gulf-Country Community Enterprise Ltd (RGCCEL) has partnered with My Pathway to create positive social and economic impacts in communities.

Partnership to deliver pathway to self employment program - feature photo

The partnership aims to increase the number of sustainable businesses within the Ravenshoe-Gulf Country region through support and mentorship of the Workforce Australia Self Employment Assistance Program and brand-new incentives to address early business costs.

My Pathway’s Self Employment Assistance Program Manager David Webber welcomed the new partnership, highlighting how RGCCEL’s generous support would further support new business ventures in the region.

“We are very grateful to have entered this partnership to help strengthen our program in the region around Ravenshoe.

“The Self Employment Assistance program already provides the knowledge and tools to create a successful business, but the community support RGCCEL are providing will greatly enhance the program in this region.

“By lessening the financial burden on start-up businesses, or those existing businesses benefiting from our support, a significant hurdle will be reduced, if not removed entirely. This can only help to grow the number and success of businesses in the region,” he said.

RGCCEL, who owns the franchise for the Community Bank Ravenshoe Gulf Country Bendigo Bank located in Grigg Street, Ravenshoe will provide eligible participants a business bank account with $1200 to be used towards business costs such as marketing, business name registration, logo design, business photography, EFTPOS facilities, solicitor fees and utilities setup. This is in addition to existing support funding available within the program and represents a significant bonus to those taking up the offer.

RGCCEL Chair Lara Wilde said supporting new businesses was important to their organisation and that the benefits would create a lasting impact in the region.

“As a Ravenshoe based bank franchisee, we want to see the region grow and flourish. One of the best ways we could think to do this was to support up-and-coming businesses in the region, so we have partnered with an organisation already supporting these businesses to enhance their offering.

“By offering this funding we hope to create a thriving business in the local Ravenshoe Gulf Country community and provide locals with increased options for who they spend their money with, benefiting the entire community,” she said.

Eligible applicants will also make use of the Self Employment Assistance program’s flexible mentoring and support to help start their own business or strengthen an existing business.  

The program includes workshops, coaching, training, business health checks, referrals to professional services, connections with industry leaders, and guidance to create a solid business plan.  

For more information and to apply, visit or call the My Pathway team on 1800 319 588.


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