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30 August, 2022

Road rule changes to protect first responders

QUEENSLANDERS could face fines of up to $432 and three demerit points by not giving way to emergency vehicles as new road rules come into effect next month.

Road rule changes to protect first responders - feature photo

The new road rules will target motorists who don’t slow down and move over to emergency vehicles and any other related vehicles like tow trucks, RACQ and other assistance vehicles when responding to an incident. 

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the rules are aimed at keeping first responders safe on the roadside.

“Our emergency service and first responders do an incredible job, and they play a critical role in roadside incidents,” he said.

“The rule is simple, if you see flashing lights at the roadside, move over and slow down.

“We know many people already do it, but this change makes it clear that you must do it to keep the people helping in an incident safe from harm.” 

RACQ worked alongside the Queensland Government in advocating for this change and group executive assistance Glenn Toms was pleased to see it realised. 

“We have been advocating for this change since 2017, with 90 percent of our members in favour of making this lifesaving road rule a reality,” Mr Toms said.


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