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24 July, 2022

Simple tweaks for a contemporary bath

BATHROOMS are your personal sanctuary and escape from the chaotic outdoors – a place to reset, recollect and prepare for the next step in the day.

Simple tweaks for a contemporary bath
Simple tweaks for a contemporary bath

Many homeowners today are looking to modernise this space to build on the need for tranquility. There are simple tweaks you can implement to revamp your space ad create the contemporary bath of your dreams. 

STEP 1: Assure the colourway is ideal When thinking through ways to bring that contemporary feel in to your bathroom, a colour swap is always a go-to option. 

When thinking through how to change the colours in your space, warmer options like greige and woody tones are beginning to rise to the top. 

A simple way to incorporate these tones and give your bath space a neutral feel is by painting your walls in cool-gray and off-white hues. 

Also, implement black matte finishes to create elegant and eye-catching contrast in the bath. 

STEP 2: Modernise your fixtures When redesigning your bathroom's aesthetics for a more contemporary feel, your fixtures choices and finishes are critical. 

To implement your own personal sophisticated touch, seek out elements that have a clean, minimalist design. Smooth curves and cylindrical designs can exude simple elegance making your contemporary bath space an inch closer to possible. 

STEP 3: Work in fluted finishes Integrating ribbed surfaces is another simple, yet beautiful way to give any space a contemporary twist. 

An easy way to do this is by matching rounded items such as mirrors, light fixtures or vases for a unified, modern look. 

Other simple tweaks to incorporate fluting is throughout cabinetry and drawers. 

Precise ribbed surfaces on these types of fixtures seamlessly offer a contemporary touch to any interior, all while providing essential storage. 

STEP 4: Bringing it all together Achieving the ideal contemporary bath doesn't mean making overly expensive renovations or hefty accessory purchases. 

Altering the look and feel of your space by making simple, attainable updates such as changing the wall colour, updating your fixtures and working in fluted finishes is all you need to introduce a modern touch to the bath space.


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