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11 June, 2024

Vehicle regos to be cut by 20%

QUEENSLAND registration fees will be cut by 20% for all light vehicle registrations for a 12-month period from 16 September.

Vehicle regos to be cut by 20% - feature photo

Notice of the 20% discount will start to appear on renewal notices sent to customers from 5 August. The reduction will apply to the registration fee and the traffic improvement fee for all light vehicles and will apply to motorcycles and trailers.

The move is part of the upcoming State Budget which was announced on Tuesday.

The reduction will see a 12-month registration bill for a private use four-cylinder vehicle reduce by almost $85, bringing registration fees down to $338.75, excluding CTP. 

For vehicles registered on a pensioner concession, the reduction will be nearly $50 and will reduce registration fees down to $194.50, excluding CTP.


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