3 November, 2023

Calling youth to join theatre crew

TALENTED kids interested in being part of a new production are being encouraged to join the #SUP? Youth Theatre crew at Julatten.

Calling youth to join theatre crew - feature photo

Run by the Centre for Australasian Theatre, co-director/president Catherine Hassall said the program welcomed youth from 12-18 years of age to take part. 

Ms Hassall said #SUP? was a safe and supportive space for youth to be involved and show their creative side. 

“We are looking for any young people who want to be involved in helping to make a new production,” she said.

The bonus of #SUP? is that every production is original and everything is developed from new. 

“I facilitate but the young people are in control of everything. Young people who have an interest in the performing arts should come along," she said.

Regular classes are held at Geraghty Park Hall, Julatten, for 12-18 year olds with a number of upcoming dates to prepare for this year’s performance. 

““#SUP? Theatre by Young People for All People makes new contemporary performances through theatre games, ensemble collaboration and creative expression," Ms Hassall said.

"If you are more interested in lights, tech, sound, front of house, stage manager, costumes, sets, film/photography, there is a place for you too.”

This year’s theme, Space Jump, Gateway to Eternity, is about young people exploring what the meaning of life is. 

“It’s playfully looking at the big questions. Life; choose your own adventure story,” she said. 

All young people are invited to be part of the production with classes to be held throughout November and December, with the final performance to be held on 2 December. 

“Because it’s new and devised work, they are not being put into someone else’s mould and they can take it at their own pace,” Ms Hassall said.

The performance process is supported by the Mareeba Shire Council through the arts fund. 

“Because they are given the freedom to make theatre in their own way, it gives them outlets they don’t have at school,” Ms Hassall said.

"They find the freedom of expression to them here is inspiring. It’s very inclusive and builds confidence. 

"Everybody is accepted for who they are, we encourage that.

“We really try to enable them to be who they are and we are really interested in their point of view.”

All youth aged between 12 and 18 are welcome to attend the free classes on the following dates:

Friday, 10 November - 4.30-6.30pm

Friday, 17 November - 4.30-6.30pm

Saturday, 18 November - 10-4pm.

Friday, 1 December - 4.30-6.30pm.

Saturday, 2 December - 10-4pm. 

For more information contact Catherine Hassall on 0411 170 524 or email


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