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24 May, 2023

Cardew pushes for maintenance money

MORE money needs to be injected into Tablelands Regional Council’s maintenance budget, according to Deputy Mayor Kevin Cardew.

Cardew pushes for maintenance money - feature photo

Cr Cardew flagged his desire to increase the maintenance budget for mowing and slashing roadsides after he was “inundated” with calls from residents.

“We are in the process of budget deliberations. We have had our service level review conducted and it now needs to be implemented,” he said.

“I have been inundated with calls from community members regarding the lack of services in our mowing, our upkeep of gardens and upkeep of cemeteries and roadsides not being slashed often enough,” he told councillors and management.

“People are driving down our local rural roads where there’s guinea grass overhanging the road hitting their side mirrors.

“So, I think it’s already been identified in our service level review that we don’t have enough money in our maintenance budget to maintain our assets in the manner that we should so I just wanted to bring this to council’s attention that I have been inundated with all these calls.

“I wanted to highlight that these concerns are out there in the community and that when we do our budget deliberations, we need to give careful consideration to increasing our maintenance budget so we can do more maintenance on our roads and assets than what we have done in the past.”


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