22 January, 2023

Celebrating a year of creativity in the park

MAREEBA Craft on the Fringe has celebrated its first birthday, with the group of like-minded crafters coming together to reflect on the year that has been.

Mareeba Craft on the Fringe celebrated their first birthday with a party.
Mareeba Craft on the Fringe celebrated their first birthday with a party.

Every Tuesday morning, the group get together under the trees at Centenary Park to create handicraft of their choice.

Members bring their own patchwork, needlework, leatherwork, beads, threads and paint or participate in the “craft theme of the week”.

Event organiser Ulla Melchiorsen said their first birthday was a truly special one and was grateful for the support of all her crafters.

“It has been a fabulous year for the craft group. So many people have joined our craft mornings over the year, and it is amazing to be a part of the creations unfolding,” she said.

“We play, we sing, we tell stories, we make craft, we listen to music and sometimes we dance. It is a wonderful group to belong to.

On our birthday we made different Christmas craft. Cay, one of our grandmothers brought lots of materials for all to create something for Christmas. Party hats and masks, crackers, stickers and glitter.

“Cay even brought a small Christmas tree for us to decorate. Being our birthday and having a party we all brought lots of fruit and cakes.”

Ulla encourages anyone with an eye for craft to come along to the free group. 


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