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25 September, 2022

Dianne inspires author’s new book

INSPIRED by the incredible life of Dianne Luppi, local author Frances Dall’Alba has released her book most recent novel “Eight Seconds”.

By Ellie Fink

Dianne inspires author’s new book - feature photo

Her main character Grace, which is Dianne’s actual first name is a witty, fierce and determined woman who overcomes diversity to make her way to the top spot.

As a woman, Grace is underestimated by the men in the ring, winning her first poddy calf ride at 12 but being refused the trophy because of her gender.

Grace and Dianne’s stories share many similarities and Frances hopes that through her book, she may be able to give Dianne the credit she truly deserves.

“I end the Author Note hoping that the reader is left inspired, and to always live life to the fullest. Dianne has gone through so much adversity in her life and yet she still achieved great things,” Frances said.

Frances first learned about Dianne through some research with the Australian Hall of Fame and was captivated by her story and how close she was to home.

“We have a lot of incredible women in Australia, but I kept getting stuck on this one woman, because what she achieved, she'd done in Mt Garnet. As this was in the north, it was a place I could relate to and I couldn't seem to let it go,” Frances said.

“Naturally, when I found her living barely 10 minutes away from me, there was no turning back. And yet, I had never heard of her, had no idea of her achievements, and knew absolutely nothing about her.

“But she has an incredible story that I could have easily filled three books!”

Eight Seconds is available to or-der at 


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