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8 December, 2022

Dimbulah photographer captures big wins

A LOCAL photographer with a passion for capturing lifes special moments has been recognised on a national level with Denim and Lace Photography from Dimbulah, recently announced as a finalist in the 2022 Australian Wedding Awards.

By Ellie Fink

A photo taken by Kaddiesha for Jacko and Georgie on their wedding day
A photo taken by Kaddiesha for Jacko and Georgie on their wedding day

Owner of Denim and Lace, Kaddiesha Leask, has been in the industry for just over a year, with wedding photography being her main medium.

Ms Leask entered the competition at the beginning of 2022 and was beyond shocked when she won the Far North Queensland round.

“I was completely gobsmacked when they announced my name as the winner. I saw all the other entrants and thought ‘there is no way’,” she said.

“I was so happy to be named a finalist.”

Like most businesses, Ms Leask started from humble beginnings by borrowing her mother’s camera to photograph her children.

Ms Leask’s goal for every shoot is to make it fun and help the brides, grooms and wedding party feel as natural and relaxed as possible.

“I really like making things fun and do silly stuff and make up games for the kids because if they aren’t enjoying themselves, it isn’t fun,” she said.

“I like to capture every little moment so I will take thousands and thousands of photos of one wedding so that I have the perfect photo for them to remember.”

Due to commitments, Ms Leask will be unable to attend the red carpet event on 11 January in Sydney, but will be looking forward to watching the live stream.

She says she feels honoured be recognised on such a large scale and thanks everyone who has supported Denim and Lace Photography in the last year.

“I am going up against so many amazing wedding photographers from all around Australia and it’s really just a huge honour to even be a finalist,” she said.

“This is something I never would of been able to achieve without the support of all my amazing clients and the friends and family who always encourage me and shout my name to the roof tops when someone is looking for a photographer.”


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