15 April, 2024

Gators fall 44-6 to Innisfail

THE Mareeba Gladiators were on the end of a thrashing from undefeated team Innisfail Leprechauns 44-6 on Saturday, with the local team struggling with numbers.

Gators fall 44-6 to Innisfail - feature photo

It was a rough game from the start, as players struggled to complete enough sets to gain points.

Meanwhile, the Leprechauns were having a field day, scoring try after try, with the Gladiators unable to keep up.

Coach Chris Sheppard said he was disappointed with the loss and would be regrouping with the team this week to look at ways to improve ahead of their game against powerhouse team Yarrabah Hawks this weekend.

“We were short on troops again against a quality team and just didn't complete enough sets,” he said.

“It’s tough to win when you’re down on numbers and without the footy away from home in the rain.

“We'll regroup this week and look forward to two home games and hopefully getting a few back on deck.

“Leon Wood was Players Player and Rob Pedersen was also tireless in the middle.”

The Mareeba Gladiators will face Yarrabah this Sunday afternoon from 3pm at Davies Park.


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