4 December, 2023

Great win for Atherton

NORTHS were given a thrashing by Atherton over the weekend, who managed to bowl them out in just 27 overs and reach their score in just 19.

Great win for Atherton - feature photo

After winning the toss and electing to bowl, Atherton was downing wickets, setting the team up for success from the get-go. 

“After that, we just continually took wickets throughout the innings,” captain Tom Boorman said.

Greg Misner stepped up for the team, taking five wickets and making him the standout performer of the week for Atherton and restricting Norths to just 74 runs. 

“It really helped to get off a good start, and we never really took the foot off and just kept taking wickets, bowling 70 odds,” Boorman said.

“We are pretty confident knowing we could chase that down.”

When it came to batting, young superstar Charlie Lawerence was the top scorer, making 23 runs off 46 balls. 

Atherton also took home the Bridgeman Maher Cup, an annual cup that celebrates the efforts of the Maher and Bridgeman families, who played with Norths and Atherton. 

Both Tom Maher and Darryl Bridgeman were at the game, with Maher, who is in his 40s, even picking up the bat and making two runs for Norths. 

This weekend, Atherton will face off against Cassowary Coast at Loder Park from 12.30pm. 


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