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20 August, 2023

Just a matter of being considerate on the road

TOO often complaints are made about vehicle drivers who are not considerate to others on the road.

Just a matter of being considerate on the road - feature photo

This in particular relates to the use of the Gillies Range Road; whereby slow vehicles are causing frustration to other motorists.

It is simple to show courtesy to others on the road, and this I am sure will reduce the amount of traffic crashes that occur.

There are 2 aspects to this consideration for road users, those driving a vehicle intentionally slow and failing to give due consideration to those following, and those that are driving to the road conditions which others are not giving due consideration to and causing themselves undue frustration.

There are specific road rules in relation to careless driving, in particular driving without due care and consideration to other road users.

If you are travelling slowly and there is an opportunity to allow others to pass, then to be giving due consideration to other road users, it would be prudent to pull over.

This may prevent the frustration of a driver overtaking, speeding up and then being detected for exceeding the speed limit not far down the road, or even worse causing a crash.

Each year on the Tablelands there is an influx of tourists using the main roads, including the grey nomads towing caravans and travelling around the area.

This consideration should be applied by all motorists, and this includes those that may choose to travel at 60 to 70 km/h on a highway causing undue delay to others.

This can lead to frustration, whereby a following vehicle may attempt to overtake when unsafe and cause a tragic accident.

Having attended a number of these type of incidents over the years, some fatalities, it is not difficult to establish that the crash could have been easily avoided, either by being a patient driver, or giving the due consideration to others on the road.

With Queensland Road Safety Week coming up, Police are reminding motorists to drive to conditions and have consideration for other road users.

To prevent a crash is far easier then to deal with the aftermath, so if all road users could do their part, then I am sure we would have safer roads and less carnage.


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