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18 May, 2022

Local author releases new rural fiction novel

TELLING a story of the outback, friendships and the simple things in life, Atherton author Ghis Gallo has officially released her new rural fiction novel “The JUMP”.

Local author releases new rural fiction novel - feature photo

“The JUMP” begins with 17-year-old Jamie, who’s life on a cattle station is nothing short of perfect. She has her best friend Melissa, fishing, a gorge to swim in and the annual cattle muster to look forward to. 

After experiencing the traumatic events of the murder of a backpacker, the teens are faced with a series of questioning, lies and secrets. 

Ms Gallo says her book will give local readers a “strong sense of place and the intrinsic familiarity” with themes based off North Queensland’s most remote cattle stations. “The JUMP is set in a landscape and lifestyle that I know intimately, which from first appearances may seem romantic, but has its own fair share of ‘warts and all’,” she said. “It is a setting that inspired what I believe is a page turning story full of dramatic twists and turns and an inconvenient truth. “For characters Melissa and Jamie, their once carefree existence is destroyed simply through being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it is how they and others respond that keeps readers searching for answers and enthralled to the very end.” 

Excited and nervous to get her first book on the market, Ms Gallo To purchase “The JUMP”, visit Tableland Books on Vernon Street Atherton or visit or


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