23 August, 2023

Lockett ready to box at nationals

GOING up against some of the fiercest boxers in the Australian industry, 18-year-old Cohen Lockett will be heading to Brisbane this week to compete in the elite Golden Gloves National Championships.

Cohen Lockett will be heading to Brisbane this week for the National Golden Gloves.
Cohen Lockett will be heading to Brisbane this week for the National Golden Gloves.

This is Lockett’s second year in the national arena, training every day in the lead up to the big event kicks off on Thursday  with hopes to come home with gold. 

Starting his career at only nine years old, boxing came naturally to the young athlete and became a safe haven for him throughout his teenage  years. 

“Throughout high school I started having a hard time and getting into fights at school, so I got back into boxing and had a few more fights (boxing matches),” he said. 

“I won the Golden Gloves, and I wanted a little more competition so now I’m flying down to Brisbane and fighting in the National Golden Gloves.”

During his fight last year, Lockett got to watch over 500 fighters go head-to-head in the ring and inspired by their strength and discipline, it motivated him to do better this year.

Working his job 10 hours a day and training straight after for two hours a day, giving up alcohol and partying and keeping a positive mindset, Lockett is committed to the competition. 

“My fitness coaches have set up a program for me throughout the week, so every day I have a new session,” he said.

“I’ve stepped up to the next weight division this year and I am definitely the fittest and strongest I have ever been.

“When you work hard every day, there isn’t really an excuse to why you can’t win. I am the most confident I have ever been.”

Although confident, Lockett is feeling the pressure, with big names in the arena such as Tim Xu and Jason Malone set to be ring side throughout the event support their local clubs.

He says he will be using those nerves to fuel the fire and help him perform at his best.

“There’s obviously a lot of nerves but also a lot of excitement to be able to do what I love,” he said. 


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