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4 November, 2022

Old playgrounds disposed

OLD, unused and unfit playgrounds in Atherton, Malanda and Tolga will be disposed and not be reused after Tablelands Regional Council recently replaced them with new updated facilities, or found they were not being used enough.

Photo: Jade Creations Landscape Solutions
Photo: Jade Creations Landscape Solutions

Malanda’s Jack May Park recently underwent an amazing transformation which included the construction of a new nature play playground that has since seen plenty of use from the community.

The old playground was removed and found to be past it’s useful life and will be disposed of.

The QCWA playground equipment at Tolga was found to have damage to the softfall, the infrastructure was losing its actuating capability and the main play platform had defects that were not cost effective to repair.

A new rail trail themed park was in-stalled in its place, recently being com-pleted in the past few months.

The playground located at Hilltop in Atherton was identified to be past its useful life and with council identifying a newer and safer playground just 500m down the road on Cook Street, they chose to dispose of the old playground.


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