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26 March, 2023

QCA to review irrigation prices

IRRIGATION prices set by Sunwater and Seqwater will be reviewed and farmers are being asked to participate in the exercise.

QCA to review irrigation prices - feature photo

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) will review irrigation prices for in a bid to ensure the costs are reasonable, transparent and efficient.

To allow time for the businesses and QCA to consult with irrigators, the State Government is extending a 15 per cent water discount to 2024-25.

The government has also confirmed that as part of this process, irrigation prices will soon be capped at the QCA’s assessed cost reflective level, often referred to as the lower bound price.

“The independent regulator will undertake detailed review, talking to irrigators and other stakeholders so that we strike the right balance between the interests of customers and water providers,” Minister for Water Glenn Butcher said.

“Queensland is one of Australia’s major food bowls, so we owe it to our growers to ensure they’re getting a good deal, for what they contribute to the Queensland economy.

“The government will consider the QCA review, including the views of customers and stake-holders, before making a decision on prices.”

The review will inform prices to apply from 2025-26 to 2028-29

Sunwater and Seqwater own and operate more than 30 water supply schemes which sup-ply water to around 6,000 irrigation customers throughout Queensland including Tinaroo Falls Dam.


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