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11 June, 2023

Record interest in land grants

A RECORD number of applicants submitted Expressions of Interest for projects supporting property management actions to build climate and drought resilience on Cape York Peninsula.

“We had 27 submissions to our Landscape Resilience Project and had to narrow the selection down to six properties,” Sustainable Agriculture and Water Quality manager Michael Goddard said.

“I think it’s a measure of the demand for practical, on-ground solutions in the region that we have seen such a great response, and it’s important that the unsuccessful submissions know that they may have another opportunity if we secure a second round of funding by 2024, based on this demand.”

A total of $180,000 is available for on-ground activities, with eligible applicants being supported by grants of up to $30,000 each.

The activities aim to reduce threats to native vegetation, or improve pasture condition, and include weed control; protection of riparian vegetation from cattle or pigs through fencing of creeks and rivers; paddock fencing to increase spelling; and adding off-stream watering points to spread grazing pressure and improve opportunities for spelling.

“We’ve had applicants from all over Cape York Peninsula putting forward excellent projects to support better grazing land management or protect important vegetation,” Mr Goddard said.

“Landholders up here face a number of challenges particular to the region, including poor soils and harsh weather events, with less return than the smaller southern Queensland properties.

“These projects will add to infrastructure and help to make Cape properties less vulnerable to year-to-year changes in climate and markets.”

The six properties selected have been notified and will begin work with Cape York NRM to address priority land condition issues and threats to native vegetation condition.

The Landscape Resilience Project is funded by the Queensland Government’s Natural Resources Recovery Program. The project runs until the end of June 2024.


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