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29 April, 2022

Supporting rural women’s leadership

WOMEN across the Gulf Savannah region who want to develop leadership skills and lead with confidence can attend one of three free courses being held this week.

Gulf Savannah NRM will be providing the road tour of regional events to help women of remote and rural Queensland discover and develop their own leadership qualities.

The one-day free courses are available for women in Normanton, Georgetown and Mareeba to help them understand their own unique leadership qualities, learn how to become effective communicators and influencers, and overcome self-limiting beliefs. 

The events will feature Tammy Kruckow, who specialises in empowering evolving leaders in agriculture to break through self-imposed limitations, enabling them to lead with confidence.

With over 20 years’ experience in the pastoral industry, Tammy now shares her leadership and communication knowledge and skills with others by facilitating workshops across Northern Australia. 

“We know that women are the backbones of rural communities, but despite this, many women don’t take on formal leadership roles,” Gulf Savannah NRM CEO Zoe Williams said.

“We hope that through these workshops women will be encouraged to take the step into public or business leadership positions and have the confidence and skills to succeed in these roles.”

She said women were often the glue which hold communities together, particularly in remote communities where they fill crucial support roles in emergency services, local government, schools, community groups and families.

This project aimed to mobilise and up-skill a new generation of women leaders, building their professional and personal confidence, and enabling them to contribute back to their community.

The free one courses are on 27 April at Georgetown from 9am at the Etheridge Shire Hall supper room, and on 29 April at 9am at Royals Church, Mareeba. Normanton held its session on Tuesday.

Go to search for Rural Women’s Leadership to book.


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