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14 December, 2022

Virus risk prompts call for vaccination

AS Far North Queensland’s annual wet season begins, health officials are warning people around the increased risk of Japanese encephalitis virus and its dangers, imploring eligible residents to get vaccinated.

Virus risk prompts call for vaccination - feature photo

Japanese encephalitis virus, known as JEV, is a potentially fatal disease that can cause sever neurological illness accompanied by headaches, convulsions and reduced consciousness. 

It is spread through mosquitos and animals such as pigs can also contract the virus however it cannot be transferred via infected people or animals. 

Only about one in 100 people with the virus will experience any symptoms and they will typically start showing anywhere between 5-15 days of being bitten by a JEV infected mosquito.

With the Bureau of Meteorology recently announcing La Niña conditions will continue at least until early 2023, this provides the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos.

A vaccination can be supplied at no cost to eligible risk groups who have a higher risk of encountering mosquitos in their environments


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